KIA Honor Flag Story

How it all began

In 1993 a veteran, we’ll call Ghost Soldier #3, rode to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC with other veterans and motorcycle groups to pay their annual respect to the American war heroes that mean so much to them.

Washington DC is a place where many go to absorb American culture, participate in tradition, patriotism and even protest. But the Veterans Memorial is where we go to mourn, to honor our fallen and pray for the safe return of our service men and women. It is a place to heal and meet with friends and families suffering similar grief.

After several days of ceremony, speeches and prayers, some asking God why they were so lucky to be spared, and after many tears were shed it was time for the long journey back home. As the riders were departing and making their final blessings one thought to leave behind a POW*MIA Flag at the memorial. This caught the eye of Ghost Soldier #3, he approached the rider and asked, "why would you do that? our POW’s are Not to be Forgotten and certainly don’t want to be thought of as dead". The rider replied "I just want to leave something meaningful for our fallen, what can I do?"

It occurred to Ghost Soldier #3 that he needed to do something that had never been done before, something that expressly honored our fallen American war heroes.

This is when Ghost Soldier #3 and a small group of riders and vets set out on a quest… They made it their mission to create a flag that would honor America's fallen war heroes, a symbol to let gold star families and veterans know their loved ones would be properly honored and never forgotten.

A mission worth fighting for

After a lot of thought, debate and emotion, the honor flag symbol was drafted.

It would be a silhouette of a military person going into battle to bring home a fallen comrade. The symbol was placed inside an oval known as the honor ground, the acronym K.I.A. was placed above the oval, “The Brave & The Free” below the oval, and “America Remembers” at the base of the flag. The red color would represent the blood shed by our military, and black to mourn the great loss of our men & women killed in battle.

The KIA Honor Flag was born. Without explanation most could sense its depth and astonishing meaning at first glance. It was christened and flown, and immediately began honoring fallen American war heroes and gold star families across the nation.

Ghost Soldier #3 and the group of riders, vets and now families had finally enacted the first U.S. American flag to stand alone as an emblem & symbol that would honor our fallen war hero’s past and present.

The mission workers, riders, vets and families supporting the cause would soon become known as “Ghost Soldiers” and vow to honor our KIA’s and support the families and children left behind.

A new challenge

The KIA flag quickly became desirable amongst the ghost soldier groups, vets and families and everyone was requesting the flag. The next challenge was how to get the flag into the hands of so many… and who is going to pay for it?

After a lot of hard riding, phone calls, presentations, knocking on doors and slammed doors the hard work finally paid off. Ghost Soldier #3 found a company that would sponsor the veteran’s mission and their goal to mass produce the first ever KIA Flag making it possible to honor all of America’s Fallen Heroes.

Flag mission accomplished

The KIA Honor Flag Program Honors & Remembers Our Nation’s Heroes for the Ultimate Sacrifice they have made for Our Country, Our Freedom, and Freedom Abroad.

Now there are honor gift packages for all KIA Gold Star Families free of charge. KIA Representatives, American Legions, ALR, PGR, VFW, AMVETS, MOPH, Elks and similar organizations may receive complimentary KIA Honor Flag support packages to honor KIA families (complete with support information, flag, pin, patch & more) and to use in support missions to honor and remember all Americans Killed In Action “KIA” past or present.

Additionally, we bring these families to a supporting environment to honor their sacrifice. We integrate them with others that recognize their loss, embrace them with a community of support that introduces them to others who have lost loved ones; allowing them to help themselves and others through the grieving process.

Why we wear the emblem & fly the flag

KIA emblematic products are worn and displayed in honor of the heroes that died protecting our nation. They show your support to Gold Star Families, veterans, and all of the service men & women in harm’s way.

How you can help today?

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