KIA Donation Station Ghost PX

Thank you for honoring our Fallen American War Heroes and assisting us in this great mission.

 Now you can purchase a KIA Donation Station to become a sponsor and an honorary Ghost PX. This means more service men, women and veterans shopping in your store everyday! 

With your support we can reach out to families in every community in our nation and pay tribute to the heroes that gave their lives – by honoring and supporting the families and children that have been left behind.

Easy step-by-step process:

  1. Purchase your donation stations and place them at each cash register or customer service location
  2. At the end of a month or given period count the funds collected and retain them
  3. Go online to the KIA Honor Flag Org website, click the Donate button, fill in the blanks on the form and submit.

It’s that easy!

When processing your online contribution you can choose “use credit card on file” to make the process simple and secure.

Included free with the donation station are KIA post cards to hand out, honor flag stickers for your doors and windows and a KIA Some Gave All Honor Flag to display as a show of support to the mission. 

Now you can let everyone know that your business or organization is doing its part by giving to another great cause!

Thank You for your service and support!